Low Key

“Humility is so shy, if you begin talking about it, it leaves.” – Timothy Keller
It used to be that words like “humility” or “humble” were buzzwords belonging mostly to the church. Today, they fit nicely on t-shirts next to words like “hustle” and get used by almost everyone. 
The world is talking about it, but how do we achieve it?
Can a person just BE humble? Is it that easy?
Does a truly humble person know that they are humble? 
Does it even matter?

The truth is that (imperfect) humility is possible and could change your whole life.



I’m not a doctor.


I am no expert in the field of mental health, but it seems that anxiety is crippling more and more people than ever before. Upwards of 40 million American adults are dealing with anxiety disorders. Some have found relief through the help of doctors and modern medicine. Even with this help, it is a constant struggle for many.


Beyond those dealing with various anxiety disorders, thousands more grapple with anxious thoughts and chronic worry.


Whether your battle is chemical, mental, emotional, or spiritual… there’s hope.  


Whatever You Say

It was the Fall of 2015. 


Our Lead Pastor, Dan Martin, was preaching through a sermon series titled “Exit Strategies.” It was one of his best series, and it turned out to be his last as our shepherd.


I had a thousand thoughts swirling through my head as our church neared transition, but in the midst of that, God’s Word was leaping off of the page as Dan unpacked the book of Exodus.


There was this one phrase, in particular, that kept jumping out to me…

“All that the Lord has said, we will do.”